Case 1: Help Build a Home for a Family $5,000

Project Transform is one of Muslims Giving Back’s core projects. Through Project Transform, MGB has changed hundreds of lives by renovating homes, providing jobs and safe spaces for struggling families and victims of abuse. 

Sheikh was a Project Transform recipient about one year ago.  With your donations we were able to get him and his family off the streets and in a comfortable apartment.  His family has grown and he how has two healthy boys and one on the way.  They worked hard and saved their money for the family.  Now he wants to buy a home so that his family will never have to face homelessness again.  He saved all his money and was able to make an offer in cash to purchase a home for his growing family.  He came back to us asking for down payment and closing costs assistance for this home.  Muslims Giving Back exists to provide relief and support especially for the most vulnerable and deserving.  With open heart and hopes we agreed.   

Lets come together as a community to support this growing family build a home they can be proud of.  

“Whoever relieves a believer’s distress of the distressful aspects of this world, Allah will rescue him from a difficulty of the difficulties of the Hereafter. Whoever alleviates [the situation of] one in dire straits who cannot repay his debt, Allah will alleviate his lot in both this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah will conceal [his faults] in this life and the Hereafter."

HELP the MGB community make this families dream come true.
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Case 2: Help Domestic Violence Survivor Secure a Home $5000

A single mother who escaped abuse and trauma and was courageous enough to find her way through the system and needs your help to secure a home for her and her daughter. 

She found her way into a shelter, enrolled into the SNAP and WIC programs, and even secured a rental voucher for her and her daughter to have a comfortable and safe home to build their lives back.  Muslims Giving Back is finding her an apartment near her daughters school and we are going to make sure that she does not have to worry about furniture or getting settled.  This brave and lovely small family deserves to have a safe and comfortable home and we as a community will ensure that she does.  Please donate so we can transform this sisters new apartment into a warm and inviting home they will enjoy for years.  

Together as a community lets make this dream come true.

Case 3: Single Mother  and 3 Kids Sleeping on the floor $4,000

Former Project Transform recipient recently divorced with three kids has found her own apartment and needs our help.  

She is a working mother taking care of her family.  She has a newborn baby and a new apartment with no furniture.  We can help her get back on her feet and make a home for her family.  She is paying her own bills now and will be responsible for her rent but we want to just help her furnish some of the main items for her and her three children.   

Together as a community lets make this dream come true.

Case 4: Help your new sister start her journey to Islam $3,000

Help new  revert sister become independent so she can practice her religion without fear. 
Most who were born Muslim will never understand the struggles transitioning to Islam. Our revert community faces very real cultural and societal pressures as they try to live a life that are pleasing to Allah.  This sister took her Shahadah in Ramadan and is the only Muslim in a catholic family.  She has faced many challenges hiding her religion and practice.  Muslims Giving Back helped her to find a better job and an apartment so that she can have the freedom to wear her hijab and pray without the constant fear of her family.  We are also committed to helping set up her new place and fill it with Barakah in her new journey towards Allah.  This small gesture is a Sadaqa Jarriya for us all.  We help this sister practice her Deen and we all take a share in the blessings she will undoubtedly gain throughout her years. 

Together as a community lets make this dream come true.

Case 5: Single Mother and Revert Needs Your Help $3000

Help this single mother and her daughter build a comfortable home for them to thrive and grow into Islam 

This brave sister left her hometown to find community and a place to grow in her connection to Allah.  She was always independent and took care of her family.  Becoming muslim has presented new challenges but she stayed strong and endured.   Muslims Giving Back and Muslim Community Center collaborated to find this very deserving sister a stable income and secure an affordable home.  To complete this Transform we want to provide her with starter furniture so that her and her daughter can continue their journey in Islam with one less burden.  Please support us and help to provide this Sadaqa Jarriyah.  

Together as a community lets make this dream come true.
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